Interview – Leading Strong @CivicLeadersHQ S1E12 – @AlexTorpey, Mayor of @SouthOrangeNJ on Big Things Ahead

Civic Leaders is an exclusive local government web-interview series hosted and operated by Springbrook Software, an Accela company, produced by the VOLSTA Media Network, and syndicated on Each month the show shares a candid look into the challenges and triumphs experienced by passionate public employees that are committed to their calling.

How did you achieves such amazing things?

In addition to checking the event schedule, meal plans, the parking situation and hotel accommodations–what is often overlooked is creating an actual plan and goal for the event. Are you hoping to make a connection with agencies in other regions? Or even with one of the speakers? Be sure to check the event details and even the guest list in advance. Reach out via LinkedIn, twitter or email to the people you’d like to meet with, penciling in meetings or coffee. This will ensure that your meeting time will be well spent. Also, knowing that you have a shared-mission will keep interest and excitement up as the event approaches.

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How did you achieves such amazing things?

When I first came in, I was taken aback by how long it takes for just a standard customer to get services turned on…it had to do with the application process, and what we were asking our customers to give us in terms of information, what we we’re asking them to agree to, to read, to check certain boxes…to initial certain things. And I really questioned all that and asked why do we need that? What are we doing this for?

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